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About Us

Hi! Welcome to our page, we hope you like it here. We’re Claudia and Julian, the couple behind Kiwi Meets German.

Claudia makes up the kiwi half of the team and is based out of New Zealand where she is studying to become a conservation biologist. Julian, as you may have guessed, comes from Germany, where he studies electromechanical engineering.

In 2018 Julian took a gap year to New Zealand and ended up coming home with more than he bargained for. We first met at a train station in Claudia’s rural home town and instantly clicked. Travelling the same way, we made plans to spend the weekend together. And, after only knowing each other a few weeks, we made the rather spontaneous decision to spend the entire summer together on the road, living out of Claudia’s not-so-roomy Daihatsu Sirion. We have been together ever since.

Studying on opposite sides of the world certainly isn’t easy, but our travels and adventures together have helped us to quickly become a strong team, and we always have something to look forward to in the holidays.

So far, we’ve explored New Zealand, and about 12 European countries together, and plenty more solo. We tend to travel on quite a tight budget and are always on the lookout for the best deals possible. While we don’t mind paying for amazing authentic experiences, we generally avoid commercialised touristy options. Our goal here is to compile our experiences into the sort of travel guides we wish we had when we first started out, as well as sharing our love and passion for travel with like-minded people.

Where to next?

For the next few years, our main focus will be on our studies, but we certainly are going to go on more adventurous trips in our holidays. Once we’ve both finished studying, we can set our sights on more adventures and see as much of the world as we can. One day we’d love to get a sailing boat and sail the world together.

Stay tuned to hear about all our upcoming adventures, we hope you like reading our experiences, and we’d love to hear about yours. Feel free to head over to the contacts page to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!